About Us

Who We Are


Mission: The Bike Union is a social enterprise offering workforce development and personal growth to young adults impacted by foster care.  

Social enterprises are businesses that sell products or services to advance their mission.


Vision: To connect young adults to the workforce and support their self-sufficiency through personal and professional development programming. 

When you patronize our bike shop and coffeehouse, you are supporting an organization with a purpose – an organization that gives right back to our community.


Our Story

[Miah] founded The Bike Union Mentoring Project to provide workforce development and social skills for young adults impacted by the foster care system. He and the team have found that by focusing on a few individuals at a time, they can provide greater longer lasting impact. It takes a long time to build trust, skills and confidence, and that is critical in enabling those in the project to take control of their lives and destinies. Miah feels like Jean Vanier, that instead of changing the world, there is a place for those who seek to provide a little light…and a lot of little lights make just as big an impact.

“How Nonprofits Can Miss the Individual”

Meet Our Current Baristas


Position: Barista

Favorite Drink: Oat Milk Hazelnut Honey Latte

How has The Bike Union impacted you?

“[The Bike Union] helped me establish confidence within school and within life- sheeeesh!”


Position: Barista

Favorite Drink: Raspberry Italian Soda (or a simple cup of black coffee!)

How do you hope The Bike Union will impact you?

“I hope I learn more about myself and how to be apart of life again. The Bike Union has so far, given me a safe place to be and I’m so thankful for the opportunity.”

Photo coming soon!


Position: Barista

More info coming soon!

Positions OPEN

To refer a potential program participant, or to inquire about becoming a program participant yourself, email info@thebikeunion.org

Meet Our Shift Supervisors


Position: Shift Supervisor

Favorite Drink: Iced Caramel Breve

How has The Bike Union impacted you?

“[The Bike Union] has helped me get on the right path to accomplish my goals.”


Position: Shift Supervisor

Favorite Drink: Strawberry French Soda

How has The Bike Union impacted you?

“The Bike Union’s supportive and positive atmosphere has kept me coming back: as a customer, as a part-time employee, and even now 4 years later, as a full-time employee.”

Meet Our Leadership

Board of Directors

John Sullivan, Board Chair: Vice President Human Resources, Antelope Valley Hospital

Randall Johnson, Treasurer: CFA – Chief Financial Officer, Talent Plus

Alexander Cayetano: Program Manager, Leadership Development, Greater Omaha Chamber

Cydney Koukol: Chief Communication Officer, Talent Plus

Schalisha Walker: Program Coordinator – Nebraska Appleseed

Bobby Brumfield: Managing Partner, Leonum Advisors Security, Co-Founder
Men Against Domestic Violence

Miah Sommer

Founder and Executive Director

Miah Sommer is a social entrepreneur and the founder and Executive Director of The Bike Union and Coffee, a non-profit bicycle shop and coffeehouse that provides workforce development and life skills to individuals who have aged out of foster care.

Sommer also co-founded BUMP, an activity based mentoring organization designed to get youth outdoors using both mountain biking and hiking activities.

Miah lives in Omaha with his wife, Katie, their two children Henry and Charlie, and their dog Willie. In his spare time Sommer enjoys spending time with this family, reading, collecting vinyl records, and mountain biking.

Johannah Hager

Program Manager

Johannah Hager is the Social Enterprise Manager of the Bike Union Mentoring Project. She brings 3+ years of non-profit management experience, specializing in human trafficking education and social services. In addition to her professional experience, Johannah brings a belief in the special nature of community and connection that can be found over a cup of coffee, and a passion for empowering others. When not working, Johannah enjoys partner acrobatics, hiking, and spending time with her loved ones.

Curtis Wilson

Operations Manager

Curtis Wilson, the Operations Manager at The Bike Union, joined the organization in 2016. He has an undergraduate degree in Psychology. Curtis brings retail management experience from his five years as an Assistant Store Manager for Lululemon Athletica in high volume stores, and from his time as a Shop Manager for an Omaha area bike shop. He is passionate about empowering youth to create positive change within their lives and community. When not at The Bike Union Curtis spends his free time going on adventures with his wife Lacey and their dog Eddy as well as racing and riding his bike.