Can anyone purchase a bike from The Bike Union?
Yes! The Bike Union is a full service bike shop, open to everyone. Come check us out. We have a full inventory of bikes at affordable prices.

Why shop at the Bike Union?
All generated revenue will go 100% back into our youth mentoring programs as well as creating and sustaining jobs for youth who face risk factors. By shopping at The Bike Union you are funding a non-profit as well as making an investment in your community, yourself, and the environment.

Do you repair bikes?
Yes. We are a full service bicycle retailer with trained mechanics and various maintenance packages from a simple flat repair to major overhauls.

Do you sell new and used bicycle parts and cycling accessories?
Yes! The Bike Union offers a great selection of new parts and accessories. Stop in to check out our selection.

Do you take trade-ins?
We do not accept trade-ins. However, we are always accepting parts and bicycles which are the lifeblood of our organization.

Is my donation tax-deductible?
Yes! The Bike Union is a registered 501(c)3 organization. When you make your donation, please be sure to keep your receipt for your records.

How can I make a donation to The Bike Union?
There are two easy ways to donate to The Bike Union – online or at our store. All donations are tax-deductible!