About Our Programs

Posted on Aug 5, 2015

About Our Programs

We’ll change your flat tire.

You’ll help us change the world.

The Bike Union is a full service bicycle shop and so much more. We are a social enterprise dedicated to mentoring at-risk adolescents in Omaha and to strengthening our community as a whole. When you support our social enterprise, your patronage supports programs designed to help area adolescents achieve a healthy and rewarding future.

All our efforts center around the core belief that zip code and socio-economic status should not determine opportunity and success for Omaha’s adolescent population, especially adolescents who are at-risk. The Bike Union retail store is strategically located in Downtown Omaha, allowing us to reach at-risk adolescents living in North and South Omaha, communities most in need.


Apprenticeship Program

Did you know that 17% of Omaha’s adolescents are not enrolled in school and are unemployed or not in the labor force? Unemployment at this crucial stage in life has been shown in certain youth to lead to a host of other negative issues such as criminal activity, early pregnancy, homelessness, and substance abuse.

The Bike Union Apprenticeship Program prepares adolescents to enter the job market and work to decrease poverty, crime and homelessness in our community. This 12 month-long program will place youth in sales and service positions within The Bike Union, our bicycle retail location. Employees will be trained and tested bi-monthly on a job-specific skills matrix. Additionally, employees will refine their core competencies via SCAN (Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills) in order to become viable employees with marketable abilities. All employees are through our partnership with Project Everlast.


Bike Union Mentoring Project (BUMP)

Did you know that the prevalence of Obesity has quadrupled among boys and girls over the past 25 years?

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services suggests that kids ages 6-17 years old should be getting 60 minutes of exercise daily–whereas only a fraction of this demographic meet the recommendations.

This (BUMP) is a mountain biking program designed to introduce the benefits of cycling to a traditionally underserved demographic. Among the benefits of this program are a healthy lifestyle, setting and achieving goals, and self-esteem building. Participants set goals and are tested on technical bicycling riding skills. BUMP meets weekly June-August.


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