Role & Impact


The Bike Union aims to use the bicycle as a means of social change for Omaha adolescents and the community as a whole.



17% of Omaha’s Adolescents 

Are not enrolled in school AND are unemployed or not in the labor force. [1]

Unemployment at this crucial stage in life has been shown in certain youth to lead to a host of other negative issues such as criminal activity, early pregnancy, homelessness, and substance abuse.[2]


Ensuring Adolescents are Ready

Our job-mentoring program for at-risk adolescents ages 16-24 is designed to produce viable job candidates who possess the technical skills and core competencies to make them attractive to potential employers. Providing at-risk Omaha adolescents with a pathway to economic self-sufficiency will lead to reduced costs of public supports and a safer community.


Being Environmental Friendly

Not only with our works, but with our actions too.

Our commitment to refurbishing pre-owned bicycles reduces our carbon footprint and the potential negative environmental impact created during the fabrication of new bike frames and components.3 We also seek to promote riding a bicycle as a way of life; for better physical & mental health, and environmental friendliness.





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